Sweet Jasmine Body Oil

Sweet Jasmine Body Oil

Our sweet jasmine body oil will leave your skin soft and hydrated, with a non greasy feel and look. Made from natural oils that will be absorbed deep into your pores, all while moisturizing and leaving a natural glow. Infused with all natural dried jasmine flower buds. Leaving your skin with a slight jasmine scent! This 100% lightweight natural oil is perfect to apply no matter the occasion!


Jasmine flower buds contain antioxidants that help protect from environmental stressors, evens skin tone and naturally treats dry aging skin.

Vitamin E Oil blocks free radicals and naturally replenishes lipids on the skin, which gives the skin a naturally glowing moisturized look.

Dried Jasmine flowers, Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, jasmine essential oil, vitamin E oil.

1+ Year
Store at room temperature or in a cool dry area