Raw Coffee Scrub

Raw Coffee Scrub

Our raw coffee scrub is perfect for buffing away dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of cellulite found on the body. Enriched with African Black soap this body buffer may reduce the appearance of razor bumps, dark spots and ezcema found on the body.

Saturated with ground coffee & sugar, this combination of acts as a deeper exfoliate that removes cellulite, dead skin, and promotes blood flow throughout the body!

Ground Coffee, Sucrose, African Black Soap, Decyl Glucoside, Vitamin e

Apply on wet skin for daily exfoliation and or before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs. Follow up with any of our body butter. Use 2-3 times a week for best results, starting at your feet and working upwards to heart for best results. Scrub in circular motions.

1+ Year
Store at room temperature or in a cool dry area

*Please note our Healing Turmeric is highly pigmented and may stain skin. Rinse with warm water and soap to remove stain.
*We recommend that you perform a patch test before extensive usage for allergic reaction concerns.
*This product is not edible

*Please do not ingest or place inside vaginal canal.